Jon Fisher

I started CrossFit in May 2015 with a goal of hitting my target weight for my wedding. After growing up playing team sports and football in college, I was searching for my next challenge in fitness, as well as a great team/family atmosphere. CrossFit offers all the above, and I became immediately obsessed with CrossFit and the methodology. I began coaching CrossFit in May 2019 which has helped light that fire even more!

Being a bigger guy (former Offensive Lineman), I love to throw around the barbell and any other heavy objects while at the gym. My biggest challenge day in and day out are gymnastics movements, which keep me coming back day after day. One of my favorite things about CrossFit is the ability to have movements that we can focus on, that can make us better as all-around athletes.

I am a husband and father to 2 amazing kids, and I believe that anyone and everyone can benefit from the principles of CrossFit and functional fitness.