Potential members have all kinds of questions when it comes to CrossFit fitness programs.  Here, we try to answer some of those questions and shed some light on some of the misconceptions people tend to have about CrossFit.


Q. Is there a minimum level of fitness required to start training?
A. Absolutely not! Our workouts and exercises are scaled/modified to any level.  If you can’t to do pull-ups right away there are a variety of other exercises that are similar and that will help you gain the strength you need to do a pull-up. There’s no pressure and coaches won’t throw you to the deepest end of the pool and force you to do impossible tasks.  All lifts and movements will be taught first and have a variety of modifications available for all levels.


Q. Do I have to know how to do everything to start?

A. No, at CrossFit XA all workouts are led by an experienced coach.  CrossFit coaches are great because they demonstrate and lead members through each movement before workouts, challenge you to perform at 100 percent during workouts, and support you when you think you can’t!  Workouts do not begin until everyone has warmed up, stretched, and have been walked through each move. This is done with little (just a barbell) or no weight (PVC pipe).  If you are new, an instructor will also work with you directly on modifications to weight and movements as needed before the workouts begin. 

Q. What should I expect my first couple of weeks?

 A. Expect to train at a moderate pace with modified or scaled versions of the workouts at first. We want you to learn the basic mechanics of everything FIRST, then be consistent in those mechanics, then bump up the intensity ONLY after mastering those key points first.  If you can’t complete the recommended workout, then you are free to do what you can within the allotted time.

Expect to experience some muscle soreness, especially if you haven’t been very active.  There is no way to get around it and this is normal, and proof that you are working hard breaking down muscle fibers during your workout. It is during your rest periods between classes that your muscles will build up even stronger. You can help speed the recovery process by drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep (7+hours a night).  Whatever you do, don’t stop training just because you are sore. It is good to come back and take the next workout light if you need to, but the main thing is to **keep moving** to flush the lactic acid out of the muscle, which is causing you to be ‘sore.’

Q. How does CrossFit compare to traditional gym workouts?

A. CrossFit is totally unlike traditional gyms.  First of all, you get a coach for EVERY workout! The reason why CrossFit is such a popular sport is that it adapts a scalable workout program, instead of following a strict lifting schedule, so you get a more varied and personal approach to fitness.  CrossFit also offers an interactive community environment where everyone supports each other and works together in their fitness journey. But much like any fitness sport or program, you get the rewards only if you stick with it. Learn the mechanics and get through the learning curve. You will get better and see results over time!

Q. Are there different classes for different levels of experience or fitness?

A. No. At CrossFit XA all levels work together in each class but each at their own pace. If you are experienced at CrossFit or have been doing another fitness or weight training program, you will have the option to do more advanced or “RX” versions of the movements and weight amounts in each workout. This promotes a community environment where everyone at each level can inspire, encourage, and set examples for each other. In CrossFit, everyone has something they are working on getting better at and we all need good examples and that extra push at one time or another.

Q. Still have some questions about getting started that we didn’t cover here?

A. Just give us a call at 480.266.4880 or shoot us an email at crossfitxa@gmail.com and someone will be happy to contact you!