CrossFit XA is about the bonds that are created between people that have nothing more in common than the desire to live healthier, happier lives.  Each person in our community is what makes CFXA work!


  • We can’t wait for Monday morning to come.
  • We can’t wait to go to the gym.
  • We can’t wait to see the workout of the day (WOD).
  • We can’t wait to hear coaches talk about the importance of improving the way we work, eat, sleep, and think!
  • We can’t wait to be at a place where you can comfortably train in the same class with teenagers, stay-at-home parents, high-level executives, high level athletes, beginners, grandparents, and everyone in between.


Tiffany Daines - Owner/CrossFit Coach/Nutrition

CrossFit L-2
CrossFit Nutrition
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Masters
Certified CPR/AED

I have had an awesome journey in CrossFit since 2012. I fell in love with the work ethic, challenges and the people that come with the CrossFit journey. As I started to get a little older I wanted to be around for a while and knew that I needed to take care of myself. Trying all the » Learn more

Tristin Lelo - CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L-2
Certified CPR/AED

I started CrossFitting in 2012. I decided to give CrossFit a try because it was challenging and different. CrossFit has changed my body more than any other form of exercise I’ve ever done. The transformation has made me more confident and helped me realize I am capable of doing anything when I put my mind to it.  I love coaching because » Learn more

Travis Smith - CrossFit Coach/Olympic Lifting

CrossFit L-1
Burgener Weightlifting
Certified CPR/AED

I joined CrossFit XA as a member back in September of 2017 and knew immediately I’d found my CrossFit home.  Prior to that I had received a Weightlifting Level 1 Certificate from Burgener Strength and was coaching Olympic Weightlifting. Since joining CFXA, I received my CF-L1 and have been coaching since June of 2021. Prior to joining » Learn more

Grace Guilfoyle - CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L-1
Burgener Weightlifting
LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)

I have been active my whole life: drill team and track in high school, rowing and coaching crew in college, marathons, teaching zumba and yoga. Finding CrossFit in 2017 was a game changer, and I fell in love with the variety of movements and how each day was a new challenge. So, I took the » Learn more

Shane Ryder - CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L-1
Police Physical Fitness
Certified CPR/AED

I have a Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Instructorship, and in March 2018 I completed the Crossfit Level 1 Trainer course and started assisting with coaching at XA. I started Crossfit in 2013 at 40 years old on military deployment overseas, I never went back to traditional “gym” routines since. Functional fitness concepts within Crossfit absolutely work. The high level of » Learn more

Alicia Brainard-Corrigan - CrossFit Coach/Massage Therapy

CrossFit L1
LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)

I started my CrossFit journey at the end of 2018 by recommendation of a friend. I
started as an athlete at CrossFit Prescott and then moved to the east valley. After
getting settled with the fast pace of the Valley and finishing massage school I landed
at CrossFit XA. Being overweight and the fear of being judged I was terrified, but the
coaching staff at XA along with the athletes openly welcomed me and helped me see
that this is a journey.  Not only have I » Learn more

MeiLin McDonald - CrossFit Coach

CrossFit L-1
FA/CPR (infant through adult)
Trauma Bleed Response

I have been doing CrossFit since 2014 and grew up playing basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. I am very grateful for, and love to reflect on, the season of my life when I had to relearn how to walk over the course of three years after a series of medical issues. With the support from my team made up of CrossFit coaches, physical therapists, and family and friends, I was able to ditch the chair and start walking, running, handstand walking and everything in between. Not only did I » Learn more