CrossFit XA’s Legends class is a strength and conditioning class for members 55 and up who want to exercise in a fun, safe, and inclusive manner and move and use their bodies.  Research points to development of chronic disease in older populations not as a consequence of aging alone, but as a product of decreased activity and less-than-healthy lifestyle choices. Strength training and conditioning can help both stave off, as well as reduce, the effects of many chronic diseases.


This class will help you:

  • Keep muscles and bones strong
  • Keep your immune system up
  • Build muscular strength and joint integrity
  • Increase and maintain bone density
  • Improve cardiovascular function
  • Improve pulmonary function
  • Improve balance, coordination, and mobility
  • Reduce your risk of falling (and be more resilient in case you do)
  • Maintain independence and improve quality of life

What to expect:

A typical class will start with a series of light warm up movements to get your heart and joints ready for exercise. From there we’ll move onto the strength training portion of class, using a variety of tools to help you develop strength, no matter where you’re at. You’ll use both weight training and body weight exercises of the upper and lower body to develop and maintain muscular strength and joint integrity.


Class Schedule