MeiLin McDonald

I have been doing CrossFit since 2014 and grew up playing basketball, volleyball and lacrosse. I am very grateful for, and love to reflect on, the season of my life when I had to relearn how to walk over the course of three years after a series of medical issues. With the support from my team made up of CrossFit coaches, physical therapists, and family and friends, I was able to ditch the chair and start walking, running, handstand walking and everything in between.

Not only did I regain my physical abilities, but that challenging season of life grew my faith, compassion, patience, confidence and prudence to help shape who I have become today!  I am also happily serving at my church, Redeemer Bible Church, in Gilbert and love spending time with the community I have grown with there. Outside of my time at the gym, church and work, I enjoy camping with my dog, reading, playing guitar and learning new skills.

Fun fact- I ride a motorcycle!