Tiffany Daines

I have had an awesome journey in CrossFit since 2012. I fell in love with the work ethic, challenges and the people that come with the CrossFit journey. As I started to get a little older I wanted to be around for a while and knew that I needed to take care of myself. Trying all the things available at that time I thought I was doing great on my fitness journey until I came across CrossFit. Not only did I find success in becoming stronger and fitter, my body composition started to change. Nothing had worked for me like this before.

A few months after trying CrossFit I decided I wanted to coach others to find what I had found. Coaching others that have that same passion for a healthy life brings so much joy to me. Coming together as a community and working through our every day lives together was so much better than doing it on my own. Ten years later I am still so intrigued with CrossFit and what it can bring to peoples lives. I can’t imagine life without Crossfit. Can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings!